How to Treat PTSD

Posttraumatic stress disorder isn’t restricted to just the military but can be caused by many factors that put a high enough shock on the patient. Sufferers believe that they cannot cope with the world, and can suffer mental health problems, panic attacks, and exhaustion. 

Any traumatic event, such as war, losing someone in a sudden matter, or natural disasters have a chance to trigger PTSD symptoms. PTSD is an overload of anxiety and fear, and while being anxious can help during those traumatic events, but PTSD creates the overload at inopportune times. This can materialize in a feeling of disconnect from the world, a lack of focus, and irritability.

While many people can recover from the trauma, some cannot without getting help. Getting ptsd treatment oakland ca can be done, as there are countless doctors, nurses, and others who all want to see people get back on their feet.

Two main courses of PTSD treatment exist, one of which is Psychotherapy. This is simply when the patient gets to speak with a trained mental health professional and get some insight into their problems. The professionals can help the patient come to terms with their memories and learn to move on and create positive memories from the negative experiences. 

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The second method of treatment involves medication to treat the overload of negative chemicals in your brain. Antidepressants can increase serotonin levels to combat depression in your brain or can decrease the way the brain releases the bad hormones. While medication alone is not a treatment for PTSD, using them in conjunction with treatment and support can help people manage, if not completely overcome their symptoms.

The most important thing when it comes to PTSD treatment is that it can’t be done alone, and getting support is the first step towards a better life.